A new article came out on the wire service today that I thought you might be interested in. It talks about how the average life expectancy today is age 78. But………for the first time in 2 centuries, scientists are predicting that will start to change. The life expectancy will start to decrease.

Why? Obesity in Adults and obesity in children. 2/3 of American Adults are considered overweight or obese, with no decrease in this percentage predicted.

With the devastating predictions of health problems that will arise in adults that start out as obese children, this is a critical issue. An unprecedented rise in children of type 2 diabetes has already begun.

Since obesity increases the risk of heart disease and cancer also, the effects could prove disastrous. Kidney failure is another serious disease that could increase as a result of obesity starting in children.

Not only are children becoming much more inactive because of the computer, tv and video games, but at the same time they are eating more junk food than ever before. Our American lifestyle involves being constantly busy and to eat whatever is easily available, no matter what this is costing us in terms of our health.

Take time starting today, to watch what you eat and what your children are eating. Don’t risk the future for a quick fix today.

Eat healthy for yourself and as an example to your children.

If you have excess weight to take off, be disciplined, and start right now. This is something that will affect every area of your life.

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Keep healthy,

The editors for Nutritional Supplements Guide