Digestive Enzyme Supplements Can Help Facilitate Food Breakdown

Digestive enzymes are substances that are instrumental in the chemical reactions that break down foods so they can be used by the body. Without these enzymes, the body cannot use the nutrients in foods.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Most digestive enzymes are produced in sufficient amounts by the pancreas, but the body was designed to use digestive enzymes from foods as well. Natural digestive enzymes are found in raw, living foods, and many people simply do not get enough of these foods in their diets. For this reason, enzyme supplements are useful for many people.

Two important digestive enzymes are papain and lipase. Papain is derived from unripe papaya fruit, and it can be an essential link in many digestive processes. Papain not only helps the body digest foods, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help dissolve mucus and blood clots.

Sufficient amounts of enzymes like papain can help improve overall health, stamina and energy levels by optimizing the body’s ability to use the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in foods.

Digestive Enzyme Vitamins

Another important digestive enzyme, lipase, is instrumental in the breakdown of fats, particularly triglycerides. Lipase is produced primarily in the pancreas, but it is also found in the mouth and stomach. The body needs lipase to create individual fatty acids from larger fat molecules. These smaller fatty acids are much easier for the intestines to absorb.

People with celiac disease, Crohns disease or chronic indigestion may be deficient in lipase and may benefit from supplements. Low levels of lipase can cause an inability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and can result in a tendency towards high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Difficulty losing weight and diabetes are also possible complications caused by insufficient amounts of lipase. Since lipase is also necessary for nutrients to permeate cells, a range of problems caused by poor nutrition can result from low levels of lipase. In addition, muscles spasms, including the condition known as “spastic colon” may be due to insufficient amounts of lipase.

High Quality Digestive Supplement

Sufficient amounts of enzymes are crucial to maintaining good health. People concerned about the amounts of enzymes their bodies produce may find that supplements containing papain and lipase, as well as other enzymes, can significantly improve their health and nutritional status.

After years of research we have found an excellent digestive supplement called Total Balance. It contains over 70 powerful nutrients including antioxidants, herbs, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Start taking Total Balance today and feel better and have more energy than ever before! 

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