7 Powerful Energy Herbs

Here’s a look at the top 7 herbs for energy. There’s actually a lot to choose from. These are natural stimulants that improve focus and endurance.

Green Tea

Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine that is partially responsible for the stimulant effects. It is an element of traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for thousands of years as a tonic. It is also beneficial for heart, brain and circulatory health. 


Ginseng roots or leaves have been used in folk medicine for an unknown number of years. It has mild stimulant properties but does not typically cause nervousness or other side effects. It has proven to be beneficial even for the fatigue that plagues cancer patients. Most modern scientific evidence concerns Panax ginseng. Other varieties may be less effective.

Bee Pollen

Although bee pollen is not an herb per se, it does come from plants. It belongs on a list of herbs for energy because it is a well-known natural energy booster, at least in beekeeper circles. The natural product is available in freeze dried packages and in supplement form.

Eleuthero Extract

The Eleuthero plant is a small woody shrub found in Asia. It is sometimes referred to as Siberian Ginseng and is another of the herbs for energy that was used in traditional Chinese medicine. The benefits include reduced fatigue, improved memory and increased endurance.

Ma Huang

Ma Huang is a natural source of ephedrine, a compound that increases heart rate and lung capacity while also reducing allergy symptoms, among other things. Caution should be used with Ma Huang, as some of the products that are supposed to contain it have actually been found to contain the banned drug, ephedra.


Ginkgo is most commonly thought of as a brain stimulant. The total effects on overall energy are slight but they are there. The herb is particularly helpful when taking a test or doing other activities that require memory recall.


The plant is called nettle or stinging nettle. When made into a tea, it can give you more energy than your morning cup of coffee, even though it contains no caffeine. The dried herbs are sold for making tea and the ingredient is also found in some supplements.

Those are just 7 of the herbs for energy. There are others including licorice, black walnut and alfalfa. Upping your vitamin intake can also raise your energy levels and reduce general fatigue.

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