Asthma Symptoms Include Coughing and Mucus Buildup

Be very alert for asthma symptoms. Asthma is serious business. In one minute a person can go from feeling fine to fighting for breath.

You can live a normal healthy life as long as you take your medications as needed and watch for things that could trigger an asthma attack.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that is directly related to allergies, heredity, infection, environment and anxiety. The airway becomes inflamed and results in attacks of wheezing, coughing, chest constriction and gasping for breath.

Asthma Symptoms

As was stated earlier it is critical to watch for asthma symptoms. Caught early, they can be treated very easily.

They include coughing, increased mucus flow, inflammation of the muscles in the bronchial airways, increased heart rate and loss of sleep due to coughing and blocked airways.

Constriction of the muscles in the bronchial airways and difficulty breathing are two symptoms that require immediate action through prescribed inhalers or a nebulizer.

Asthma Triggers

It is imperative that you know what triggers affect your own asthma or the asthma of your loved one. By knowing what can bring on an asthma attack, you can avoid certain situations.

Triggers include food and environmental allergies, pollution and irritants, heavy physical exertion, cold air and weather changes. You don’t have to avoid cold air if you want to go outside in the winter, you just have to prepare ahead of time.

Other things that can prompt asthma to flare up include a poor digestive function, hormone imbalance, emotional stress and infections. This can include cold, flu or other respiratory infections. Exercise induced asthma is just what it says. Exercising can bring on asthma symptoms but they can be lessened by controlling what you do before hand.

Asthma Treatment

Consult your physician. Asthma is best treated under the care of an asthma specialist. There are wonderful inhalers and prescription medications that can change your life and give you the asthma relief you need.

I have seen first hand, the difference it can make in a person being alive or not, because of the treatments that are available.

However, you need to do your part by avoiding triggers that can affect your asthma immediately or over the long run.

Smoking is an absolute no. Second hand smoking is just as damaging to the lungs of a person with asthma that is in contact with it.

Test for allergies. Being allergic to mold or dust mites or even pets can not only trigger your asthma, but keep you from ever getting completely strong or healthy.

Get on a plan today. Live a fulfilled healthy life. Keep your asthma in control.

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