Belly Growing Fat

Belly growing fat…………………..

With age, many people find that they are getting a fat belly. A fat belly is a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease and can lead to obesity.

Reasons for Belly Growing Fat

There are many reasons for getting a fat belly, as well as many ways to fight it. First, as people age, their metabolism slows down. With the same amount of diet and exercise, fat can begin to accumulate around the belly due to this decrease in metabolism.

Also, as strange as it may sound, stress can contribute to an increase in belly fat. The stress hormone cortisol contributes to weight gain in the midsection, so if you have been under stress, you may find that you are getting a fat belly as well. Further, poor elimination can contribute to belly fat by causing bloating and distention of the abdomen.

Ways to Decrease Your Belly Fat

If you find that you are getting a fat belly, there are a few important things you can do. First, determine what is most likely to be the cause of your belly growing fat. If you have been under stress, take steps to identify and eliminate the stress.

Stress management and relaxation exercises can help in this regard, as can nutritional supplements, exercise and a good diet. Take up yoga or meditation, or find a trusted person to help you sort out the causes of stress in your life so that you can begin to develop a plan to eliminate it.

If you are a woman near or past menopause, you may find that your belly is growing fat due to hormonal changes as well as the decrease in metabolism that comes with aging. The best way to get your metabolism going again is through regular exercise, particularly strength training to build muscle. Since muscle burns calories more rapidly than fat, your metabolism will be more efficient if you replace a few pounds of fat with a few pounds of muscle.

One of the most efficient ways to increase your metabolism is to jump start it with a good supplement.

It should not only be able to enhance your metabolism but also help you feel energized and full of life.

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