Benefits of Chromium Picolinate

The benefits of chromium picolinate versus the dangers of chromium picolinate are being debated in the nutrition world.

We will discuss both and give you information to make your own choices.

Benefits of Chromium Picolinate

Essential nutrients are needed to have a strong healthy body.

Chromium combined with picolinate is popular because it is considered a highly absorbed form of chromium.

It is used for a healthy metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss. It gives increased energy and aids carbohydrate metabolism.

One of the major benefits is that it suppresses the appetite and curbs food cravings.

Another benefit is that chromium may promote a decrease in total cholesterol and LDL. (considered the bad cholesterol) It is also used to aid increase in muscle tissue.

A controversial benefit is that chromium improves glucose tolerance in some people with type II diabetes.

It is said to help insulin regulate blood sugar.

Dangers of Chromium Picolinate

Some studies have shown that the combination of chromium and picolinate could damage genetic material in animal cells, which is a suggestion that it might cause cancer. There is no evidence of this in human bodies, but nothing has been proven one way or the other.

Opponents of chromium picolinate say that there is no evidence that chromium helps with weight loss. Even so, it is still a very popular supplement for obese people who possibly could develop diabetes.

Clinical trials in the U.S. have not produced any clear evidence of the benefits of taking chromium picolinate for people with diabetes.

There are no long term side effects that have been shown using chromium. Some people have complained of interrupted sleep patterns.

Some studies are linking irregular heart beats to the use of chromium.

Always remember to consult your physician before taking chromium picolinate or any other supplement.

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