Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Research concerning the benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss has contributed dramatically to the increase in consumption of green tea and the use of products containing green tea.

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea has many health benefits in addition to aiding weight loss. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can help to control free radical damage and prevent the onset of degenerative diseases caused by these toxic scavengers.

Free radicals are unstable byproducts of natural chemical reactions that occur in the body daily, and they must be stabilized to prevent damage and disease.

Since it is not fermented like other teas, green tea retains its antioxidant properties, making it useful in the fight against free radical damage. In fact, the benefits of drinking green tea appear to include lowered risk of some kinds of cancer.

In addition to its antioxidant and anticancer properties, the specific benefits of green tea for weight loss are interesting as well. Green tea contains a substance known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This substance binds to enzymes that are necessary for cancer growth, but they may also have weight loss benefits.

During a study with laboratory rats, they lost 21 percent of their body weight when they were given EGCG.. These results are thought to be due to a process called thermogenesis that occurs when green tea is consumed. Thermogenesis basically translates into an increase in energy consumption and fat oxidation that results in an increase in metabolism that promotes weight loss.

Supplement with Green Tea

For non-tea drinkers, there are many weight loss products that capitalize on the benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss as well as overall health.

Green tea supplements and extracts are widely sold as weight loss products and in antioxidant formulas in many health food stores. Many general health formulas with a well-rounded list of herbs and nutrients contain green tea as well.

Total Balance is designed to promote health in a number of ways, including weight management and sugar control. Total Balance is available in three formulas: a unisex formula, a women’s formula and a men’s formula. Green tea extract is just one of over 70 powerful nutrients found in this product.

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