Benefits of Red Clover For Various Women's Health Issues

Red clover, a purple flowered plant, is one of the oldest agricultural crops around. It is a 3 leafed perinnial that grows approximately 2 feet tall. The plants are harvested when the flower is in full bloom.

Red Clover contains Isoflavone phytoestrogens. These are the most potent type of phytoestrogens and help with many conditions without the side effects of some of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Benefits of Red Clover

Women looking for help from natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy, for relief from hot flashes, are turning to red clover and phytoestrogens. They are able to help vaginal lubrication as they also help prevent hot flashes.

One 8-week study in Boston, with 16 patients, showed a 56% decrease in the number of hot flashes as well as their intensity and the related night sweats.

33 countries use red clover to treat a collection of ailments. Because of this, researchers from the National Cancer Institute investigated the anti-tumor properties of red clover. Their studies showed that red clover contained 4 anti-tumor compounds.

In addition, red clover contains tocopherol, a form of vitamin E that is a potent antioxidant that helps fight cancer and heart disease.

Other benefits of red clover include treating eczema, swollen glands, gout, lowering of cholesterol and preventing the development of prostate cancer.

Red Clover Tea

Red clover tea is another way to take this herb. If you are trying to stop smoking, consider drinking red clover daily. Studies have shown it relaxes the nerves and treats coughs. It is also used to treat rheumatic or gout pain.

Gargling with red clover tea can help sore throats and sore mouths since it acts like a mild sedative.

Used as a poultice, it is also good for athlete’s foot and other skin conditions.

Red Clover Supplement

A powerful health product, made especially for women, contains black cohosh extract, isoflavones, red clover and numerous other nutrients vital for a woman's health.

It is Xtend-Life's Total Balance.

Xtend-Life has created a comprehensive supplement that contains over 70 powerful nutrients to give you energy and keep your body functioning at its highest level. They use only standardized herbal extracts and manufacture their products using strict pharmaceutical GMP Compliance, which is the most controlled standard for dietary supplements on the market.

Many of our staff, friends and family have had great success with Total Balance. Check it out for yourself and start a healthy lifestyle today!

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