Best Acne Treatments

Some of the best acne treatments pinpoint blocked pores that are often infected and produce red and white pimples. It begins with the Comedo, which is an enlarged hair follicle filled with bacteria, dead skin cells and oil and lodged in the skin.

Types of Acne

One of the two most visable types of acne is the Blackhead. This is the plugged follicle enlarging and pushing through the surface of the skin. The dark appearance is due to a buildup of melanin, the skin’s dark pigment.

The other most visable form of acne is the Pustule. It is a small round lesion that is clearly inflamed and contains pus. It is usually red at the base with a whitish center. A Papule is a small pink bump and is tender to the touch.

Whiteheads are acne that appears on the skin as a small whitish bump, this is the plugged follicle (comedo) that stays just below the surface of the skin. Cysts are large and painful nodules that lodge deep within the skin. The most severe form may persist for weeks or months and leave deep scars.

Yet another form is the Acne Conglobata which is usually found on the back, buttocks and chest, this is a rare and serious form of acne containing severe bacterial infection.

Acne Treatments

When using an acne product, be sure to find one that has more than one product involved in the treatment. If a product claims to do it all with just one item, be wary. The steps to treating acne are very specialized and you need a separate product for each procedure.

You need to look for one that will remove the dead skin first, get rid of excess oils and unclog the pores where the bacteria sits. Herbal extracts and nutrients are very important in this step. Look for the best acne treatments that will heal and protect your skin.

A very popular method of treating acne is through detoxification. A three day vegetable juice fast will sweep away toxic build-up. A variety of juices that should be consumed carrot, apple, and beet juices, along with green drinks. (Wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina) These are excellent acne cleansers.

One myth that is being shattered by studies done today is that there is a connection bebween diet and acne. Scientists have been unable to find a concrete connection between the foods you eat and acne.

The best acne treatments are the ones with natural supplements. Most of your acne products and medications have harsh chemicals in that can harm the skin. When you are looking for acne treaments, make sure it contains nutrients that are benefical to your skin.

Featured Acne Solution

Our staff and our families at Nutritional Supplements Guide have researched and tested many acne products over the last few years.

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You will definitely notice an improvement in your skin and how revitalized it will feel!

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