Bitter Orange

Bitter orange, a member of the citrus family, is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is a plant that is native to regions of Asia, Europe and the United States. The peel is the part that is used for medicinal purposes, both ripe and unripe. The unripe bitter-orange is the more potent of the two.

It has a complex chemical makeup in the oil that is extracted from the peel. The oil it produces gives it a strong odor and flavor. The peel contains flavones and is loaded with vitamin C.

Bitter Orange Extract Benefits

The Vitamin C in the orange bitters is excellent for the treatment of scurvy. It is also beneficial in treating anemia when vitamin C can help with iron absorption.Studies show it is also helpful in dissolving kidney stones and in cleaning the blood.

Another benefit is using it for disorders of the digestive system such as abdominal pains, indigestion, nausea, gas and constipation. It is used as a laxative also. It is considered to be one of the strongest herbs in helping to break up tumors and shrink a distended stomach.

Bitter-orange peel is also valuable in calming the nerves, insomnia and shock. The extract contains chemical compounds that help stimulate the metabolic rate which increase the rate that calories are burned in the body. It is thought to be effective as a weight loss supplement in combination with St. John’s Wort and caffeine.

Weight Loss with Bitter Orange

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