Calcium Supplements Can Benefit Your Bones & Heart

Calcium supplements aid in normal growth and development and builds strong bones and teeth. It maintains bone density and strength and promotes normal activity of nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.

Approximately 99% of calcium is found in the teeth and skeleton while only 1% is in the blood and soft tissues.Calcium is the most common mineral in the body. It is very important to bone health and preventing fractures and osteoporosis.

Benefit of Calcium

These supplements are used to treat severe muscle spasms caused by sensitivity reactions, cardiac arrest and lead poisoning. It is also used medically as an antidote to magnesium poisoning.

Coral calcium can help prevent muscle and leg cramps in some people. It also buffers acid in the stomach and acts as an antacid.

Calcium is also used to regulate the heartbeat, blood clotting and muscle contraction. It also helps reduce blood pressure in certain people, aids in treating insomnia and is important in reducing high cholesterol levels.

Below sea coral calcium is harvested from the ocean floors and is contaminated from the industrial pollutants that enter the oceans. It has to be heated to extreme temperatures to remove the toxins.

Above sea coral calcium is coral that washed up on shore millions of years ago, before the oceans were polluted, and is therefore much cleaner and safer.

Liquid calcium supplements and powder calcium supplements are excellent sources for your calcium needs.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency

There are serious symptoms that show a deficiency of calcium in the body. These include muscle cramps, muscle contractions, and frequent fractures.

Osteoporosis is another example of the body being lacking in calcium. It involves frequent fractures in the spine, deformed spinal column and loss of height.

A dietary calcium deficit is also associated with increased risk of hypertension, tooth decay and colon cancer. It is also shown to be related to depression.

Too much calcium can cause constipation or headaches. More seriously, you can have muscle or bone pain or confusion. Consult your doctor immediately if any of these side effects show up.

Featured Calcium Supplement

We have found a pure calcium and other essential minerals supplement. It contains the highest quality “above sea” coral calcium, which is found from the coral reefs off the islands of Japan. A high concentration of the coral calcium is found in Okinawa.

The company adheres to strict GMP compliance for the highest manufacturing standards in the world. This coral calcium supplement is supported by a certificate of analysis to confirm the potency and the safety of the ingredients.

Discover the benefits of calcium by adding this to your diet. Keep your bones strong and live a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age!

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