Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches can be frequent and with great intensity. They often come without warning and within 3 to 20 minutes can lead to excruciating pain. Some sufferers report stabbing pains that last for a few seconds, stop, and then return repeatedly.

The pain of a cluster headache usually begins around the temple or the eye. It normally affects one side of the head and can last up to days. When someone is going through an attack, it may disappear and then reappear later.

Migraine Headaches

They are intensely painful and are often accompanied by vision difficulties, extreme sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting. A migraine episode can go on for several days and can be incapacitating.

Migraines are caused by disturbances in the blood flow to the head. Most sufferers get approximately one a month. The pain is severe and is usually on one side of the head.

Causes for migraine headaches include emotional stress, fatigue, eyestrain, allergies, sinusitis, poor posture and spinal misalignment, especially of the neck and the jaw.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches come from the tension in your neck, shoulders and in your upper back. Tightness in these areas cause muscles spasms which restrict the blood flow to your brain.

This tension can be the result of poor posture, stress and even trauma from a car accident. If it comes from a car accident, the scar tissue that builds up can cause the muscle spasms.

Medicine does not help in this type of headache as much as correcting the cause. Good posture, stretching exercises and other stress relieving remedies go a long way to decreasing the severity of tension headaches.

Sinus Headaches

Sinuses are located in your forehead bone, the cheekbone on each side and the behind the bridge of your nose.

When the sinus becomes inflamed it causes pain. This can be caused by an allergic reaction, an infection or a tumor.

It will usually start as a gnawing pain over both eyes. It is accompanied by blocked sinuses from a cold, flu or allergies.

The area may be painful when touched and may come with a fever. It increases in intensity if you bend forward.

It can help to stay indoors in a dry environment. Use steam inhalation to help clear your sinuses.

Headache Pain Relief

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