Damiana Tea Can Have Many Soothing Health Benefits

Damiana tea has many uses that are now becoming very popular in the United States.

Benefits of Damiana-Tea

Damiana is an herb that grows in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The herb is dried and made into a potent tea that is used as an aphrodisiac. This use of damiana-tea has its roots in ancient the Mayan civilizations of Mexico.

Damiana-tea also has a variety of reported effects on the reproductive and hormonal systems. Drinking damiana-tea is said to produce a dream-like, euphoric state that may increase sexual potency.

The herb is also used as a general tonic, antidepressant and anti-anxiety agent. It is said to have a relaxing effect somewhat like the effects of marijuana, but without the dangers associated with that substance. The mild diuretic and laxative effects of this tea add another useful dimension to the damiana herb.

The euphoric response that is attributed to damiana-tea may also help alleviate stress. In fact, the most effective use of this tea may be where emotional or physical stress has an adverse effect on sexual function.

The active ingredients in damiana are known as terpenes. Animal studies conducted on rats have shown a marked increase in sexual behavior among animals that were given damiana, thus supporting the use of damiana as an aphrodisiac.

Dried leaves from the plant can be steeped in hot water to make the tea. The effective dose is about a teaspoon of dried, crushed herb steeped in a cup of hot water for about fifteen minutes.

Damiana tea bags are also available in health food stores.

Side Effects of Damiana-Tea

Damiana side effects are rare, but some have been reported. Gastrointestinal effects, including diarrhea due to damiana’s mild laxative properties are possible, as well as changes in blood sugar levels and kidney function.

Damiana side effects from very high doses of the herb may include disorientation, dizziness, headache or insomnia. Pregnant women should not consume Damiana tea, since the herb’s effect on pregnancy has not been thoroughly examined.

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