Dietary Fiber Supplements

Dietary fiber supplements contain one or more vitamins, minerals, herbs or amino acids. They can prevent a number prevent a number of health problems including heart conditions.

If you hear of dietary fiber supplements having a new dietary ingredient, it means it is one that was not sold in the United States before October 15, 1994.

Dietary supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but they are monitored differently than food or drugs. It depends on its intended use, as to how it will be classified. They are not pre-approved for safety and effectiveness. This makes it vitally important that your supplement is manufactured at a facility following strict GMP compliance. These are the same standards that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have to follow.

Dietary Fiber Supplements

There are two forms of dietary fiber supplements. Soluble fiber absorbs many times its weight in water which helps lower the rate of absorption of sugar and starches. This lowers the cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease or strokes.

It also improves glucose tolerance for people with diabetes. Food sources include apples, barley, citrus fruits, cooked dried beans, oats and oat bran oatmeal and strawberries.

Insoluble fiber is a natural laxative that speed food through the intestines. This form is used to treat constipation, hemorroids and other bowel problems. Food sources for this include brown rice, legumes, nuts, raw vegetables, root vegetables, seeds, wheat bran and whole grain breads and cereals.

Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

Weight loss supplement are the most popular and most abused supplement on the market. People are so desperate to lose weight, they will buy weight loss dietary supplements that make outrageous claims knowing they probably are not true, but hoping they will work.

Companies are taking advantage of this and the consumer needs to be aware. Weight loss supplements that also stress long-term change in a person’s lifestyle are generally a better designed plan. Once again, it is extremely important that your supplement is manufactured at a facility following strict GMP compliance.

Dietary Supplement Risks

Taking more than the required dosage is a big problem. People think if one is good 2, 3 or 4 will be great. Not only can they cause harmful side effects, but they can actually worsen the condition that you are trying to help.

Many companies also exaggerate the claims of what their supplements can do. Since they are sold with very little information as to their side effects people are taking them without all the knowledge they need. They are considered a dietary supplement and manufacturers do not have to guarantee their product or what the actual ingredients are!

Dietary fiber supplements are an excellent way to supplement the foods that a person eats. Weight loss dietary supplement should be taken with caution and also as part of a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplement risks are real and supplements should be taken in required dosages. Always remember to consult your physician before taking any supplement.

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