Does Trimspa Work?

Does Trimspa Work?

Trim Spa is a popular diet supplement that is said to help people lose weight by suppressing appetite and increasing energy. The manufacturers of Trim Spa reinvented the product after one of its primary ingredients, Ephedra, was taken off the market because of its dangerous side effects.

Does TrimSpa Work?

The new product, called TrimSpa X32 is said to curb cravings and make dieters feel full without dangerous side effects. It also contains ingredients that are said to speed up the breakdown of fats, making fat burning easier and more efficient.

Does TrimSpa work? According to one study, people who took Trim Spa X32 lost twice as much weight as those who used diet and exercise alone as a weight loss strategy. The ingredients in Trim Spa include Hoodia Gordonii, an herbal appetite suppressant that has been used by tribal people in South Africa for centuries as a way to prevent hunger during long hunting expeditions.

Trim Spa also contains glucosamine, which is said to keep blood sugar in the bloodstream longer after eating, keeping hunger further at bay and causing a longer-lasting sense of fullness. Finally, green tea is included in Trim Spa for its thermogenic, or fat burning, properties.

TrimSpa Side Effects

Trim Spa side effects are becoming well known because of a pending lawsuit that Trimspa is misleading consumers. The lawsuit states TrimSpa X32 product does not include the active ingredient found in the Hoodia Gordonii plant.

The product’s label warns that Trim Spa X32 should be taken with plenty of fluid to avoid blockage of the throat or esophagus.

Mild Trim Spa side effects may include nausea, chest pain or frequent urination. Side effects that do occur can be reduced or eliminated by taking a lower dosage of the product. Since Trim Spa contains cocoa, a jittery feeling may result in people who are caffeine sensitive.

People with allergies to shellfish and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not use Trim Spa.

Safe and Natural Weight Loss Alternative

We have found an advanced herbal formula called Hoodia Gordonii Plus that is a safe and natural weight loss product from a well-regarded natural health company.

Unlike with Trim Spa, this special supplement contains 1000mg of pure hoodia and is the only time release capsule on the market.

This weight loss formula is made up of all natural herbs, vitamins, and other essential nutritional supplements. It helps you lose weight fast and safe without excess dieting.

Try this special safe Trim Spa alternative and get rid of those unwanted pounds today!

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