Effects of Paba For Skin Health and Other Issues

Para-aminobenzoic acid

The potential effects of Paba have been studied for decades.

PABA, or para-aminobenzoic acid, is sometimes considered part of the B-complex of vitamins, though there is much debate over whether it is an essential nutrient for humans.

Effects of Paba

In 1942, for example, a small study suggested that supplements of PABA helped women struggling with fertility to become pregnant. Some studies have been done to test whether para-aminobenzoic acid might help to improve a variety of skin and connective tissue disorders.

One of the best known effects of Paba is for its topical use in sunscreens. Because it is able to absorb ultraviolet light, some nutrition enthusiasts suspect that PABA can also prevent wrinkling and restore normal skin and hair color.

Other reported effects of Paba include the possibility that it can protect the lungs from ozone damage. PABA may also be able to help the intestines produce folic acid since it appears to be related to this important vitamin.

PABA is found in grains and animal foods and is often included in B-complex vitamin supplements. There is no recommended daily allowance specified for para-aminobenzoic acid, and no serious side effects from supplements of PABA have been reported for doses of 400 mg or less.

Supplement with Paba

Since it is related to the B-complex, PABA should be taken as part of a nutrient formula containing a full list of ingredients that can work in concert to maximize health. One such formula is Xtend Life Total Balance.

Total Balance is an excellent supplement containing Paba and it provides all essential vitamins and minerals in addition to other health-enhancing nutrients. It also contains over 70 powerful herbs, enzymes and amino acids not easily found in single supplements or less complete formulas.

Total Balance with Paba, eliminates the need to calculate individual dosages and search for a variety of products that provide all of the nutrients the body needs.

It is scientifically formulated using the most stringent manufacturing standards, and is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to supplement the diet with essential nutrients and other substances needed to protect the body from the effects of aging.

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