Energy Supplements Such as Bee Pollen Can Give You a Boost

Bee Pollen Facts

People want more energy. There are many ways to increase energy levels, including energy supplements, good nutrition, and exercise.

Many supplements with energy are formulas that contain herbs and other nutrients to maximize energy.

Energy Supplements

One of the more popular energy-supplements in this category is bee pollen. Bee Pollen facts consist of a long list of benefits attributed to this “superfood.” Many people use bee pollen to lose weight, increase immunity, treat respiratory and digestive problems, minimize the effects of aging, and, of course, for energy.

According to one company’s bee pollen facts, taking bee pollen is almost always associated with an increase in energy, vitality and endurance.In fact, many athletes use bee pollen as a dietary supplement to maximize performance.

Bee Pollen Facts

Bee pollen collects on the legs of bees as they search for nectar. The insects mix pollen with the nectar in flowers to make bee pollen, which is collected via a special tool placed in beehives to brush the pollen from the legs of the bees inside. Bee pollen is an excellent energy supplement,as its list of nutrients suggests.

Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes and hormones. It consists of about 55% carbohydrate and 35% protein. The remaining 10% of bee pollen is fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances. These bee pollen facts make it one of the most nutritionally complete foods known, explaining the popularity of bee pollen among energy supplements.

Bee Pollen Supplement

One of the more important bee pollen facts is that only about 5% of typical bee pollen products contain active ingredients that are available to the body. Therefore, it is usually necessary to take many bee pollen products in large amounts.

One company, Xtend Life, has developed a method for extracting the most nutritious part of bee pollen. Xtend life also uses a mechanical (versus chemical) method of processing of the granules that contain bee pollen’s active ingredients. This process makes 95% of the active ingredients available to the body.

Xtend Life Bee Pollen also contains other ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are compatible with bee pollen to maximize its beneficial effects. 

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