Female Sexual Dysfunction is a Common and Treatable Issue

Female sexual dysfunction occurs in a variety of forms as a result of physical, medical and psychological conditions.

Female sexual dysfunction

The American Psychological Association names and describes several forms of sexual dysfunction in women, all of which tend to interfere with interpersonal relationships and psychological health.

“Hypoactive sexual desire disorder” is one form of sexual dysfunction that is described as having a low libido or lack of interest in sex. “Sexual aversion disorder” goes a step further to include distaste for and avoidance of sexual contact. “Female orgasmic disorder” is a common form of sexual dysfunction characterized by an inability to reach orgasm.

“Dyspareunia” involves pain associated with sexual intercourse, while “vaginismus” is a condition in which the vaginal muscles tighten, making penetration difficult or impossible.

All types of sexual dysfunction can be related to psychological or physical conditions, including low hormone levels, certain illnesses and insufficient blood flow to the genital area. Often, trauma or a history of sexual abuse plays a role as well.

Also, as menopause approaches, vaginal dryness and hormonal imbalances can contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Natural Herbal Treatments

Various therapies, including natural herbal treatments, can be successful in treating sexual dysfunction. In particular, herbs that function as aphrodisiacs can be used to increase desire or help balance hormones that play a role in sexual function.

One of the more popular herbal aphrodisiacs used to treat sexual dysfunction is damiana. Damiana is said to affect the hormonal and reproductive systems as well as enhance sexual desire.

It is useful in inducing a state of euphoria that can spark sexual arousal in women with sexual dysfunction. Other herbs with similar effects include maca, horny goat weed and yohimbe.

Counseling can be of great value in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. In addition, Kegel exercises, which are performed to strengthen vaginal muscles, can help when sexual dysfunction is characterized by tightness in that area or difficulty achieving orgasm.

Natural Herbal Product

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