Fluoride Rinse

Fluoride rinse is a rinse that is used to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. It may also help decrease hypersensitivity in the teeth.

The main function of fluoride (sodium fluoride) is the same as the rinse – to prevent tooth decay and strengthen the mineral composition of the teeth, which strengthens the enamel.

It is a naturally occurring element that works while ingested during tooth development and also when applied topically to the erupted teeth.

Fluoride in Water

Most natural water contains fluoride and fluoride can also be added to the water.

A recent unforeseen problem is that a large number of people are drinking bottled water all of the time.

Home water treatment systems and water filters also reduce the fluoride levels in water supplies, thereby the amount of fluoride that people are getting. This is leading to an increase in tooth decay.

People who use these types of drinking water should check with their dentists for rinse that could be helpful or any other measures they can take to replace the fluoride they are missing.

Water Fluoridation

Water fluoridation is the regulating of fluoride content in water. If it is deficient in levels, fluoride is added to the recommended amount for optimal health.

Studies show extremely high amounts of evidence that proves the effectiveness of fluoride in water. One 1991 study revealed a 60-100% increase in tooth decay in children, where there were low fluoride levels compared with children who received the recommended levels of fluoride.

Side Effects of Fluoride

Appropriate uses of fluoride and correct dosages produce few side effects. Do not swallow fluoride rinse.

If fluoride rinse is swallowed or high dosages are taken, you might see mottled or discolored teeth, skin rash or itching, sores in the mouth or lips, stomach pain and nausea or vomiting.

Your stools might become black and tarry also. If you see any of these side effects, contact your physician immediately.

Dietary fluoride supplements are an effective aid for people who live in communities with very low levels of fluoride in their water.

They should also be considered for people who drink bottled water all of the time or use home water treatment systems.

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