Food List for South Beach Diet

The food list for South Beach Diet is much more generous than the Atkins diet. It is easier to incorporate into your lifestyle and to stay with it.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is a popular high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Like other low carbohydrate diets, the food list for South Beach diet is designed to take dieters through three phases: rapid weight loss, gradual weight loss, and “maintenance.”

One of the hallmarks of the South Beach Diet and diets like it is the recommendation to eat six small meals per day in order to keep metabolism working.

Because of its popularity, recipes for the South Beach Diet are readily available on the Internet and in books. Recipes for the South Beach Diet stress consumption of proteins, while minimizing the use of fruits, starches and dairy products, particularly in the beginning phase of the diet.

Food List for South Beach Diet

In phase one, the rapid weight loss phase, the food list for the South Beach Diet allows unlimited amounts of protein and certain vegetables. A small amount of fat is also allowed, but fruits, starches and dairy products are eliminated.

After an initial weight loss, the food list for the South Beach diet expands to include one serving of fruit and one serving of starch each day.

Eight to twelve ounces of milk or dairy products are allowed during the second phase of the diet, which continues until a goal weight is reached.

Then, in phase three, or the maintenance phase, the diet becomes a way of life in which whole grains and certain fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and lean proteins are emphasized. Recipes for the South Beach Diet simply use these ingredients rather than refined starches and sugary foods.

The South Beach Diet is the creation of a cardiologist who wanted an alternative to the low fat, high carbohydrate diets that did not seem to work for many of his patients. It has become one of the most popular choices for weight loss and lifestyle change in the United States.

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