Goldenseal Herb

The goldenseal herb is considered a very powerful medicine. It was first used among the Native Americans by gathering its stems and roots to use as a yellow dye. The goldenseal plant is a native wildflower that is bright yellow and resembles a buttercup. The Cherokee used it for everything from eye infections to skin ailments.

When the popularity of this herb grew, it was harvested to near extinction. It is now commercially grown in Oregon and Washington. Its two main ingredients are officially recognized as medicines by eleven countries. (excluding the United States) These are berberine and hydrastine.

Goldenseal Benefits

Goldenseal herb is known to help restrict the oncoming cold or flu once you feel it starting to develop. It has stimulating properties to boost the immune system. It also has anti-infection properties to help lessen the time of the cold or flu. Gargling with it or drinking it as a tea, may relieve a sore throat associated with your cold or flu.

Studies have shown that this herb may help in urinary tract infections if it is taken at the first sign of the infection. It not only reduces inflammation, but the tea can help flush away the bacteria, that is associated with contracting the urinary infection. This would work in the same way with vaginal yeast infections also.

Since the beginning of its first known use, goldenseal has been a treatment for eye infections. Goldenseal tea applied externally to washing out the eyes’ mucous membranes has been very beneficial.

A deficient immune system is associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Using goldenseal with Echinacea may be advantageous in boosting the immune system and fighting the exhaustion. The higher immune system also reduces the risk of infection in cuts and scrapes. The goldenseal herb helps digestion by increasing production of secretions such as saliva, bile and other digestive enzymes. Studies also show that it is effective for cases of diarrhea that are caused by organisms that include E-coli and Salmonella.

Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses that is usually caused by an upper respiratory infection. Symptoms include headache, toothache, earache, facial pain, loss of sense of smell and sometimes a high fever. If mucus is greenish or yellowish, you probably have sinusitis.

Goldenseal, as an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory product, is very powerful in sinusitis treatment and shortening the length of it. Taken in the form of tea, it is very effective at washing away infected mucus.

Related to this, is the effect as a cure for canker sores. These are sores inside your mouth that are the cause of a viral infection. The majority of canker sores are caused by stress. Goldenseal can be taken as a tea or supplement or applied directly on the canker sore. It is also being used to fight cold sores, warts, shingles and genital herpes.

Always remember to consult your physician before taking goldenseal or any other supplement.

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