Gugulipid Can Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally

Guggul is a sticky resin produced by the myrrh tree. Gugulipid is taken from guggul and contains chemicals called “plant sterols”. It has been used traditionally in India for medicinal purposes.

Guggul Benefits

Gugulipid is used for lowering high cholesterol by inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. With the bad levels kept low, this keeps the arteries clean and free of plaque.

Studies done at the University of Texas and at Baylor College recognized that guggul works with the body to significantly lower serum triglycerides along with LDL (bad) cholesterol as it raised the level of HDL (good) cholesterol.

Gugulipid is an antioxidant and it keeps the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing which helps prevent atherosclerosis.

Guggulipid reduces the stickiness of platelets which also lowers the risk of coronary heart disease. It also has an antioxidant effect on lipids and thyroid-stimulating activity.

Studies show that guggul may have anti-inflammatory actions and is used for arthritis. Evidence shows that some people experience less joint stiffness in the morning and are able dress and walk easier while taking guggulipid. It is also used for acne, skin disease, and weight loss.

Guggul Supplements

Studies show that nutrients working together on a health condition create better results than a single nutrient. Make sure that your multi-supplement is manufactured at a facility following strict GMP compliance. These are the same standards that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have to follow. This is essential, since herbs are considered a dietary supplement and manufacturers do not have to guarantee their product or what the actual ingredients are!

We have found a product that contains a blend of over 70 powerful nutrients to give you energy, keep your body functioning at its highest level and give you the maximum gugul benefits you need.

It is manufactured by Xtend-Life of New Zealand and the product is called Total Balance. Xtend-Life also files a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product it produces to insure the potency of the ingredients it uses.

Make Total Balance with gugulipid a part of your daily regimen and feel healthier and more energetic than ever before!

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