Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

The health medicinal benefits of garlic dates back to at least 1500 B.C. where it was listed as an ingredient in 22 remedies for insect and scorpion bites, headaches, menstrual discomforts, intestinal worms, tumors and heart problems.

Garlic is a member of the family that includes onions, leeks and shallots and is native to Europe and Central Asia. It is considered a “wonder drug” because it treats a variety of conditions and has been used all over the world.

Benefits of Garlic

The medicinal properties and health benefits of garlic are the most potent when it is raw and crushed or finely chopped. It can produce skin blistering when handled.

Chinese researchers report success in using garlic to treat cryptococcal meningitis, an often fatal fungal infection. It is also effective in treating athlete’s foot, bladder infections and vaginal yeast infections.

Garlic also kills bacteria that causes food poisoning (salmonella) and tuberculosis. Studies also show that 2 cloves of garlic per day provides significant protection against developing ulcers.

The health medicinal benefits of garlic are most apparent when used in the area of cardiovascular health conditions. More than a dozen journal reports document garlic’s ability to lower cholesterol. Going by tests done in America and Australia, daily garlic consumption can lower the risk of heart attacks by as much as 24%.

Other benefits of garlic include lowering blood pressure, reduce blood clots and helping with artery blockage.

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant. It helps prevent cell damage that can set the stage for cancer. In an Iowa Women’s health study, it showed that women who ate the most garlic were the least likely to develop colon cancer.

Side Effects of Garlic

Garlic appears to be a safe herb. Some reports of stomach upset, nausea and skin eruptions would warrant lowering or discontinuing the dosage.

Always remember to consult your physician before taking garlic or any other supplement.

Make sure that your multi-supplement is manufactured at a facility following strict GMP compliance. These are the same standards that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have to follow. This is essential, since herbs are considered a dietary supplement and manufacturers do not have to guarantee their product or what the actual ingredients are!

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