Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse Chestnut benefits…………………

Horse chestnut is an herbal remedy used to treat a variety of conditions, particularly those characterized by inflammation. Horse-chestnut trees are named for marks on their branches, which look something like horseshoes.

The trees are native to northern India and Greece and are now found throughout Europe. The buckeye tree, which is native to the United States, is a variety of horse chestnut with similar properties. The main ingredient said to be responsible for horse chestnut benefits is a triterpine glycoside known as aescin. Both the bark and the nut of the tree are used to make horse chestnut extract.

Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse chestnut extract is used to treat arthritis, fever and inflammation. Treatment of edema and varicose veins is perhaps the most common use of horse chestnut extract.

Horse-chestnut-benefits the body by reducing inflammation, which in turn alleviates symptoms like swelling, pain and fatigue associated with conditions like edema. Horse chestnut extract can also increase blood flow, and it may be as effective as compression stockings for treating edema in the legs.

The recommended dosage of horse chestnut extract is about 250 to 325 mg twice a day. The dosage should provide 90 to 150 of aescin and can be reduced once improvement in symptoms is achieved.

Horse Chestnut Extract Side Effects

Horse-chestnut-extract has few reported side effects, though nausea and upset stomach as well as itching or allergic reactions can occur. A healthcare provider should always supervise the use of horse chestnut extract by people with edema, who should never discontinue other therapies without medical advice.

In addition, since horse chestnut extract may have blood-thinning effects, people taking prescription anticoagulants or aspirin therapy to reduce the risk of blood clots should not use horse chestnut extract.

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