Juniper Berries

Juniper berries come from the Evergreen Juniper shrub that grows in the Northern Hemisphere. The berries take 2 to 3 years to ripen. It is known by the name Juniper Bush and Juniper Bark and is a small shrub which grows 4 to 6 feet tall.

They were used as far back as early Greek times. They were also used as food and medicine by the Native Americans.

Benefits of Juniper Berries

Contemporary herbalists recommend juniper externally as an antiseptic and internally for bladder infections, intestinal cramps, various urinary tract and kidney diseases and prostate conditions.

It is also used to improve digestion and help with stomach cramps. Juniper-berries fight yeast and bacterial infections. It assists in treating asthma and the common cold. (Always consult your physician when you suspect asthma and never treat it at home.)

Separate supplements or one that is all inclusive?

Studies show that more than one nutrient working together on a health condition creates better results than a single nutrient. If you start out with one and decide to add another, how much do you add to keep both supplements working to their maximum strength without causing problems? Taking a multivitamin keeps your dosage safe and effective.

Make sure that your multi-supplement is manufactured at a facility following strict GMP compliance. These are the same standards that pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have to follow. This is essential, since herbs are considered a dietary supplement and manufacturers do not have to guarantee their product or what the actual ingredients are!

For safety and efficiency, we recommend using supplements that are all inclusive.

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