Low Sodium Diet

A low sodium diet appears to help reduce high blood pressure in some individuals. Along with exercise, weight loss and in some instances, medication, using less sodium is essential.

Sodium is a mineral that is used in the body to promote water balance and help regulate the body’s acid-base balance. It also aids in muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Low Sodium Diet Tips

The most important way to lower your sodium intake is to cut back on salt, seasonings and salty foods.

Your taste buds will adjust (believe it or not!) to gradually cutting down on salt.

If possible, cook more from scratch, since processed foods usually have a higher sodium content.

Use canned or frozen vegetables without added salt. Best of all would be to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Choose fresh or frozen meats and fish over canned or processed varieties. Limit processes, cured or pickled foods. Buy low sodium foods.

Read the labels to check the differences of sodium content between types and brands of foods. Check the sodium amount in your condiments such as steak sauce, catsup, soy sauce, meat tenderizer and salsa.

Check the sodium level of your prescription medication also.

Sodium Deficiencies

People with excessive diarrhea or heavy perspiration may experience a fall in blood pressure that could produce shock. This can also happen if the kidney is not able to reabsorb the sodium.

The person may have muscle or stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue, mental apathy, appetite loss and muscle twitching and cramping.

Always check with your physician before drastically changing your diet or if you assume you have a health condition.

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