Male Menopause Symptoms


Male menopause symptoms are ignored by the majority of men when they first start appearing. Men usually deny problems because they fear they will appear weak.

Male menopause begins with hormone and chemical changes in men between the ages of 40 and 55(Sometimes as early as 35 and as late as 60-65.) It is a physical and psychological adjustment for men.

One of the first signs is a sexual change. Since most men do not want to admit this, it is hard to diagnose male menopause in many cases.

Cause of Male Menopause

The testosterone levels in men fall at a rate of approximately 1% per year starting in mid-life.

Testosterone is produced at a smaller amount the testicles and in pituitary gonadotrophin secretion. If the levels are abnormally low, this can be caused by testicular dysfunction, trauma or inherited factors.

Experts believe that this causes male menopause to start.

Male Menopause symptoms

The symptoms of male menopause include irritability, negative moods, sleeplessness, headaches, reduced energy, increased energy and loss or thinning of hair.

Men also show less endurance for physical activity, weight gain, bone deterioration, forgetfulness and difficulty concentration. They start having feelings of b>loneliness, unattractiveness and being unloved.

A common symptom is reduced interest in sex and anxiety about losing sexual potency. This can lead men to a new younger partner, thinking this is the change they need for their sex life to stay active.

They can also have erectile dysfunction and decrease sex drive.

They also can go through mild or severe depression. This too, can cause them to change their lifestyle completely. They are looking outside themselves for answers to their depression and lack of direction and energy.

Male Menopause Treatment

The main treatment for male menopause is testosterone replacement therapy. Studies show that this helps irritability, depression, bone density and muscle mass. It also improves mental functioning and sexual dysfunction in younger men.

Some doctors believe it is safer to treat erectile dysfunction with Viagra, since 70%-80% of erectile dysfunction is due to other conditions and not to low testosterone levels.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a long term solution. It can be prescribed with injections, as an oral medication, as an implant, patch or gel.

The safety of replacement therapy on the cardiovascular system prostate and mental functioning is still being studied.

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