Menopause Relief With Natural Supplements

Menopause relief is the most sought after information for women over 50. It is the gradual process when the ovaries stop releasing eggs. This could range from months to years. It is considered the mid-life part of a women’s life. The average age for women to experience menopause is 51.

Perimenopause is the time of the gradual changes that lead to menopause. Early menopause may begin in the mid-30s for women and their menstrual cycles begin to become irregular.

If the woman is a smoker, Perimenopause could start up to two or three years earlier. Women in the early stages of menopause CAN become pregnant. They are considered a reduce chance for pregnancy but they are still fertile even if there menstrual cycle has stopped.

Symptoms of Menopause

The menopause symptoms appear when they start the pre-menstrual phase or when they enter the menopause cycle itself. These symptoms are caused by changes in estrogen and progesterone levels. As the ovaries become less functional, they produce less estrogen/progesterone and the body will react to the changes.

Menopause relief is sought for hot flashes (Sudden and extreme sweating at night or during the day), headaches, achy joints and Osteoporosis. Early morning wakening and insomnia are very prominant in menopause.

Frequent urination, increased facial and body hair, skin flushing, changes in Sexual Desire and vaginal dryness are much more common even though they are not discussed as openly by some women. Minor decrease in concentration or ability to recall and mood changes are considered 2 of the more serious symptoms by a majority of the women.

A women’s menopause experience can be influenced by divorce, widowhood, children leaving home, retirement, anxiety about aging, illness or death, financial security changes, caring for aged parents, loneliness, children still at home to care for, and loss of loved ones.

Approximately 10-15% of women experience no symptoms, while at the same time, 10-15% of women in menopause become physically or emotionally disabled. Having an operation that removes the ovaries can sometimes bring on more severe symptoms than average.

Herbs for Menopause Treatment

During the first signs of menopause, Black Cohosh is used as a relaxant and helps regulate the reproductive system. It can also give menopause relief by lessening the cramping of painful menstrual cycles. Black Cohosh binds to estrogen receptors without raising estrogen levels in the body, which is very important to women seeking menopause relief.

Research indicates that Black Cohosh suppresses the Luteinizing Hormone(LH), which at high levels, is responsible for hot flashes. Carefully being watched is a report that shows Black Cohosh and other herbs such as Red Clover, which contain phytoestrogen compounds, may inhibit the growth of various breast cancer cell lines.

Red Clover is rich in phytoestrogens compounds, which act like estrogen in the body. Red Clover is one of the few plans that contain all 4 types of Isoflavones, which is one reason it is so beneficial during early menopause and into menopause.

Isoflavones are natural plant hormones which appear to protect against breast cancer and prostate cancers. Recent studies have found that soy isoflavones can increase bone density and reduce menopause symptoms including hot flashes. The soybean Glycine Max is known as an excellent source

Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) was a common treatment for menopause symptoms for years. In 1993, the Women’s Health Initiative enrolled 161,809 women between the ages of 50 and 79 in 40 separate medical centers. Part of the study examined the risks versus the health benefits of HRT, including breast cancer, heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

In July of 2002, the study was stopped because the health risks were higher than the benefits. Even though the study showed that women taking HRT had 34% fewer hip fractures and 24% fewer total fractures, the increase in breast cancer was 26% plus increases in heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

New studies have demonstrated that ERT (Estrogen replacement therapy) or HRT is not associated with causing breast cancer. Many Physicians are now returning their patients to HRT because of the benefits in giving them an overall feeling of improved quality of life.

Menopause relief is much more readily available than in years past. Once a women sees the signs of menopause, or enters early menopause, she should take action immediately if the menopause symptoms are painful.

Featured Menopause Supplement

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