Osteoporosis Treatement

Osteoporosis treatement can help alleviate pain and suffering.

Osteoporosis is a condition that occurs with age in which the growth of new bone becomes slower than the breakdown of old bone. As a result, bones become porous and brittle and may fracture more easily.

Post-menopausal women have the highests rate of developing osteoporsis and also thin Caucasian and Asian women with a family history of the condition.

Osteoporosis Treatment

Although there is no cure, osteoporosis treatement includes medications and nutrients that help to prevent bone loss as well as build new bone.

Vitamin D and Calcium are important nutrients that should be included in the diet as part of osteoporosis treatment. Both nutrients play important roles in building and maintaining bone. In fact, 99% of the calcium in the body if found in the bones.

Dairy products, certain vegetables and calcium-fortified foods are good sources of calcium. Vitamin D is found in milk, and it can be absorbed through the skin with minimal exposure to sunlight. Both calcium and vitamin D are available in supplement form as well.

Osteoporosis Treated with Exercise

In addition to medication, certain osteoporosis exercises, particularly weight bearing exercises, are useful for strengthening bones and slowing the breakdown process. Weight bearing exercises are those in which body weight is carried by a person’s feet and legs, causing bones to work harder and stay strong. Good osteoporosis exercises, then, include running, walking, aerobics and skating.

In order to prevent the need for medical osteoporosis treatment, steps can be taken early on to reduce the risk. In addition to eating enough of the proper nutrients and getting enough weight-bearing exercise, bone density should be measured regularly beginning at age 40.

Other measures to ensure bone health include limiting the intake of alcohol and caffeine, which can interfere with bone mineral density.

If osteoporosis is diagnosed, care should be taken to minimize the chances of falling in order to protect already brittle bones from being fractured.

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