Strontium Citrate is an Important Mineral For Bone Health

Strontium citrate is a mineral closely related to calcium that may have an important role in treating and preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Strontium has also been found useful in the prevention of dental caries, a demineralization of the tooth surface.

Benefits of Strontium Citrate

The body depends on trace minerals like strontium citrate in addition to calcium in the intricate process of building and breaking down bone. When present in therapeutic doses, strontium may be of benefit in protecting bone health.

In one study, women with osteoporosis had a much lower risk of vertebral fracture when given strontium supplements, and their bone density was found to be higher as well.

Strontium was also found to increase bone density in women who had already suffered fractures related to osteoporosis.

Researchers suspect that strontium may also improve cartilage metabolism. To this end, the mineral is being studied for possible use in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Like calcium, strontium is available in several forms. Strontium citrate is well regarded as the form of strontium that is most easily absorbed.

Since other minerals are involved in maintaining healthy bone, strontium citrate supplements are best taken along with other important nutrients.

Supplement with Strontium Citrate

Xtend Life Total Balance is an excellent way to get all of the nutrients needed for bone health and for well being in general. It provides over 70 powerful minerals, enzymes and amino acids, including strontium citrate and other essential nutrients not found in single supplements or less complete formulas.

It is scientifically formulated using the most stringent manufacturing standards, and is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to supplement the diet with essential nutrients and other substances needed.

Total Balance with strontium citrate eliminates the need to calculate individual dosages and provides all of the nutrients the body needs to perform at maximum efficiency. 

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