Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes…………………

Basic information concerning the warning signs of having diabetes should start with an understanding of what the disease involves. Diabetes is a condition that results from the body’s inability to produce or use insulin properly.

Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar and other substances into energy. Without it, blood sugar levels remain abnormally high, resulting in damage to blood vessels, kidneys, and the nervous system.

It is important, therefore, to recognize the symptoms of diabetes so that blood sugar levels can be kept under control.

Symptoms of Diabetes

The most common symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss and frequent urination. Other symptoms of diabetes include fatigue, irritability and blurred vision.

Many people have not received information on the warning signs of having diabetes, so therefore nearly one third of those who have the disease do not know it.

When symptoms of diabetes are reported to a physician, the physician will usually perform a blood test known as a glucose tolerance test to diagnose the disease. Once a diagnosis is made, good nutrition is extremely important.

Diabetics often have greater needs for specific nutrients than people without diabetes. For example, extra vitamin C, which is normally transported by insulin, may be required. Chromium is also an important nutrient for diabetics, since levels of this mineral tend to be lowered by insulin insensitivity.

Niacin can help the body absorb chromium, and vitamin B6 may help to prevent nerve damage associated with diabetes. Vitamin D may help to reduce insulin resistance.

Other nutrients that benefit people with diabetes include magnesium, zinc and the other B-complex vitamins. In addition, digestive enzymes are often helpful to facilitate absorption of nutrients.

Supplement helps with Diabetes

Since diabetics benefit from so many nutrients, a balanced supplement formula may be the ideal choice for people with diabetes.

At Nutritional Supplements Guide we have been using a product that contains a blend of over 70 powerful nutrients to give you energy, keep your body functioning at its highest level and give you the maximum vitamins that you need.

It is called Diabet-Eze It is manufactured using strict pharmaceutical GMP Compliance, which is the most controlled standard for dietary supplements on the market.

The company files a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each of their products to guarantee the potency of the ingredients they use.

Make Diabet-Eze a part of your daily regimen and feel healthier and more energetic than ever before!

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