Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment………………

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the large intestine, causing the lining of the intestinal tract to become inflamed.

Symptoms of Mild Ulcerative Colitis

Symptoms of mild ulcerative colitis include diarrhea with blood, mucus in stools and abdominal pain. Fatigue may also occur as a result of anemia due to excessive blood loss. The severity and frequency of flare-ups varies widely from person to person.

It is a chronic condition that may cause no symptoms for periods of time and flare up again at other times.

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Treatment for Ulcerative colitis involves managing acute symptoms as well as preventing flare-ups. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also given to prevent flare-ups of ulcerative colitis once acute symptoms have subsided.

Special diets can also help to alleviate the symptoms of mild ulcerative colitis. Eating five small meals instead of three larger meals, as well as keeping fiber intake relatively low seems to work well for many people who suffer from the condition.

The inflammation that characterizes ulcerative colitis is usually the immune system’s response to invasion by toxins. In the case of ulcerative colitis, the immune system cannot regulate itself, so it responds even to normal conditions with inflammation. Ulcerative colitis treatment, then, usually involves managing inflammation as well as strengthening the immune system.

Quality Supplement

A product that can do both is Omega 3/Fish Oil Esters. Clinical research has shown that symptoms of ulcerative colitis and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease improve when patients take supplements of omega-3 fatty acids.

After much research we believe Xtend Life Omega 3/Fish Oil Esters are far superior to any other product. It is an excellent supplement that reduces inflammation and improves symptoms.

Omega 3 helps to boost the immune system so that inflammation does not reoccur or occurs less frequently.

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