Vitamin E Overdose - Stick to Recommended Dosages

The dangers of vitamin E overdose appear to be based on people taking very excessive amounts for long periods of time.

Vitamin E Overdose

Too much vitamin E can lead to abdominal pain and stomach problems. The absorption of other fat soluble vitamins entering the body is also disrupted by too much Vitamin E.

High doses of vitamin E may also deplete the supply of vitamin A that is stored in the body.

Vitamin E dangers associated with extremely high dosages may cause nausea, flatulence, headache, fainting, diarrhea, bleeding tendencies and an altered immunity.

Dangers of Vitamin E

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association indicates that vitamin E did not help in the preventing of heart disease. It also increased associated risks for those that suffered a cardiac death. It seemed to be a higher risk factor for those over age 55 who already had heart problems.

Since the concern is with excessive dosages, a multi-vitamin with the recommended amounts of all vitamins needed seems to be the best and the safest way to combat this problem.

Featured Vitamin E Supplements

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